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Sensory Deprivation is Now Possible At Home?

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                                                            Welcome to Floating At Home, Inc

Our mission is not only to spread awareness about the miraculous benefits that the floatation therapy has but also to present to the world a groundbreaking opportunity – an affordable way to float from the comfort of your home.

  • Save Money

    A regular float session costs between $50-90/h. That makes around $3700 per year if you float once per week. The price range of a typical sensory deprivation tank is from $12k to $30k. The Zen Float Tent starts from $1700. You do the math.

  • Save Time

    Imagine that you have your own floatation tank right next to you, in your home. Forget about driving to the distant float center. Why wasting that time if you can spend it in the tank? 

  • Gain Comfort

    Your tank, your way. Now you can put an end to the annoying need to conform to the busy schedule at the float spa. Forget about planning your time in advance. You decide when to float, where to float, and most importantly, how long to float.

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