Buying the Zen Float Tank – The Shipping Costs Explained

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the inflatable zen float tankHave you started considering it already? Are you prepared to become a proud owner of a zen floatation tank, thus bringing the sensory deprivation at home? As you might know, there are many reasons that support such a decision but there are also some important tips and considerations that you need to acknowledge.

One such consideration is the cost of shipping the zen float tank straight to your door. It’s always good to be prepared and to know what to expect and that is why I decided to create this short article – to inform you about the approximate shipping quotes based on specific regions.

But first things first.

What is a Shipping Quote

This is the cost of shipping a certain product. It is always present in online shopping carts. It is based on the weight, the distance to your country and the rapidity of the service. In other words, it is a quotation of the price that you are entitled to pay when ordering online. So far, nothing new under the sun, huh?

Do All the Customers Have to Pay the Shipping Quote?

No. If you live in the lower 48 U.S. states, you can take advantage of the ‘Float Ready’ package deal. In fact, you have to be crazy not to because as already discussed it includes everything you need in order to start floating at a fantastic price. That includes not only the 850 lbs. of Epsom Salt and the extra bonuses but also the shipping and handling quotes. And that saves money.

The only thing that’s not in the package is the hydrogen peroxide that you need in order to hygienize the water in your tank. It’s not included because it is not allowed to ship chemicals in important quantities. The good news is that it’s not at all a big deal to find it yourself.

If you don’t live in the lower 48 states in America, then you have to pay for the shipment. This is because first, the rates of shipping such a big quantity of Epsom Salt are huge for the company that manufactures the tank (Zen Float Co) and secondly, the sole shipping of the tank becomes way too expensive.

Plus, the water supplies and the cleaning chemicals are not accepted by the customs because they are considered as dangerous materials.

What Shipping Costs to Expect?

I took the time to prepare a neat price table that features the approximate prices per region in U.S. dollars.

Here it is.


Lower 48 U.S. states

Alaska, Canada, Hawaii

Central and South America

Asia, Australia, New Zealand


Africa, Russia

Approximate Shipping Quotes

in $

$107/$600 for the 'Float Ready' Package Deal

$300 - $400


$400 - $500

$300 - $400

$500 - $600

To get an exact shipping quote based on your location click here.

All international customers have to pay sales taxes (the so-called V.A.T.) and duties. When the tank arrives in your country the shipping company will contact you to pay that tax. So this is something that you pay just when the tank arrives and not before that.


That’s it. I told you that it was going to be short. I hope that now you have a better idea of how much it will cost you for delivering the zen float tank to your house or condo. Don’t hesitate to bring any questions that you have in the comments below.