5 Must-Watch Sensory Deprivation Videos

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In the rich world of the floatation therapy and the sensory deprivation, the information is abundant.

There are so many interesting but also enlightening news, facts, innovations, and stories that immersing in this universe can quickly become addictive. Just like as reading a favorite novel.

In this article, I am going to capture your attention with some sensory deprivation videos that are truly fascinating.

They all revolve around the amazing opportunities that the sensory deprivation offer and they also contain curious information about the industry.

No matter if you are new to the whole floating experience or you float on a regular basis, I am sure that you will find these videos alluring.

So here they are.

Float Nation Documentary

This is an extensive 1-hour documentary about the urging need of sensory deprivation in a world producing thousands of stimuli that the brain processes every day. Our world.

The funds for the realization of the film were collected via the crowdfunding online platform Kickstarter.

The authors of the video travel across the USA visiting float centers, float tank owners, interviewing newbies and exploring the experiences of different people with the sensory deprivation tanks.

The most important question raised in the video is why the floatation therapy is still so unpopular given the fact that it exists from more than 60 years and its benefits are scientifically proven.

The creators explore the positive impact that the floating has on people suffering from various physical and mental diseases. Their goal is also to popularize the sensory deprivation as a healthy and relaxing way of well-being.

Backed up by interesting facts, interviews with doctors and with a killer soundtrack, Float Nation is a must-see for everyone who is into the floatation therapy.

By watching this video you will learn a great deal about the industry, you will meet passionate professionals and floating enthusiasts from different parts of the USA and you will see and hear life-changing stories.

Sensory Deprivation Tanks – 3 Part Documentary

Created by the famous digital media and broadcasting company VICE, this is another fine documentary that gives an important insight about the floatation therapy and its impact on the brain.

It gives an answer to the question why the sensory deprivation is one of the most intimate experiences that we are ever going to experience. As the creators claim, it is like going on a date with yourself.

Each part of the video is about 9 minutes long. The first part represents an interview with one of the keenest adherents of the floating – the podcast host Joe Rogan.

The second part of the documentary shows the VICE correspondent Hamilton Morris and describes his own experience after a 5-hour long float session.

The third part gets even more interesting when Hamilton floats in one of the most sophisticated sensory deprivation tanks at a float center in Boulder, Colorado. At one point, he even tests the effects of medical marijuana on the floatation.

The documentary sheds a light on the benefits that the sensory deprivation has on the creativity, the concentration, and the brain behavior.

25 Insane Facts About Sensory Deprivation Tanks

We all love learning something new every day, especially if it is related to something that we are passionate about.

You think you know everything about the floatation therapy and the sensory deprivation tanks? Think again.

Created by the online media List25.com, the video will blow your mind with 25 lesser known facts related to the sensory deprivation.

For instance, did you know that the inventor of the float tank, the scientist John C. Lilly combined the taking of hard psychedelic drugs with floating in the tank in order to explore different aspects of the sensory deprivation?

What is Floating – 6 minutes

Even though it is short, this video is great for everyone who has just discovered the floatation therapy and wants to learn the basics.

In only six minutes the short film created by Float House presents a really insightful introduction into the sensory deprivation and its amazing benefits.

Zen Float Tent Review by Float Tales

For anyone interested in the first affordable home float tank – the Zen Float Tent, this video would be of a great interest.

It is a thorough review of the highly popular home float tank in which a customer describes his personal experience with the tent.

He discusses literally everything in relation to the tank including its filtration system, the heating system, the maintenance process, and the effective help he received from the customer support of Zen Float Co – the manufacturer of the tent.

If you recently started thinking about owning your own home floatation tank then this 44-minute video would answer all of your questions.

Did you learn something new from the above-mentioned videos? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below!

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    Simply amazing! This is the second time I come across this topic and this time I am even more fascinated. I think that sensory deprivation should become an important part of daily routine, such as taking a shower. It sounds so good that I can’t wait to try it for the first time. I checked out the home tent review. Looks great. Thank you for sharing. All the best.


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